7 Tips for Amazing Dental Hygiene

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7 Tips for Amazing Dental Hygiene

Amazing Dental Hygiene is not as hard as it sounds, but is a matter of daily investment in yourself, and understanding a little more about how your body works and how to support good oral health. Follow these 7 tips to achieve amazing dental hygiene and invest in yourself! 1. Don’t Rinse After Brushing It… Read more »

Do Electric Toothbrushes Really Work?

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Electronic Toothbrushes often claim to be better than “the old fashioned way” but do Electric toothbrushes really work? Some studies have shown that Electric Toothbrushes do clean plaque better, with a reduction of 21% less plaque after 3 month’s use. So it seems they do clean better, but how else can an electric toothbrush help… Read more »