Keeping Your Head in an Emergency

Even if you keep up with your oral hygiene and visit at least twice a year for your routine checkups, accidents can happen. Knowing what to do in an emergency can mean the difference between saving and losing a tooth. Because of this, Dr. is happy to give tips for common dental emergencies. With any… Read more »

What Do You Value Most in Your Braces?

As we begin the downward slide into the final stretches of the year, the weather may take a turn for the worse, but our oral health should be as strong as ever. With the many breaks that the winter holidays provide us, now is the perfect time to come in and get the braces you’ve… Read more »

The Steps to Expect During a Dental Cleaning Appointment

If you’re about to visit our office and receive a dental cleaning and checkup, then our team is happy to tell you what to expect so you feel calm, comfortable, and prepared in the dental chair! When you come into our office and meet with Dr. , you can expect the following steps to occur:… Read more »

Braces Can Often Fix Misaligned Smiles

There are a number of various kinds of braces, but all work on the same simple principle. They all work by slowly and subtly stretching out the ligaments that hold your teeth in the socket. Over the course of time, this can give you a straight smile. Common orthodontic issues such as bad alignment or… Read more »

Dental Veneers Can Improve Your Smile for a Long Time to Come

A white and winning smile plays to your advantage in many of life’s social situations. This is even more true if you work in business, sales or customer service. The nature of the imperfections in your smile will directly influence the cosmetic dentistry solutions that Dr. might recommend. Dental veneers in , , can be… Read more »

You Can Help Prevent Cavities and Sensitivity Issues with a Fluoride Treatment

Your tooth enamel is made from densely formed microscopic mineral crystals. Over time the bacteria in your mouth and the acidic foods and drinks you enjoy can erode a small amount of these minerals and wear down your teeth over time. If enamel erosion is not countered, it can create microscopic channels through the enamel… Read more »

Adult Orthodontics: Things to Consider

Many people think that braces are just for teenagers and children. However, more and more adults are straightening their teeth. Adults want to not only keep their teeth, but to have them be straight, beautiful, and healthy. If you yearn for a healthier, more attractive smile, ask Dr. about braces in , . In addition… Read more »

Is a Dental Bridge Right for You?

As you may know, if you’re missing a tooth, you could struggle to speak clearly, to eat, and may be embarrassed to smile in public. However, you may not know that if you’re missing a tooth, you could ultimately have to with a wide variety of problems. Fortunately, there are several options you can consider,… Read more »

Does Smoking Affect Your Mouth?

Everyone wants to have that beautiful movie star smile. It can give you confidence and help you with different daily activities. However, some habits can get in the way of a beautiful smile. Smoking is one of these habits. It can give you yellow teeth and bad breath, but it will also do more to… Read more »

Braces Require Inclusion in Your Daily Oral Hygiene Routine

Through the course of successive adjustment sessions with Dr. your new set of braces will effectively realign your teeth for a more functional mouth and a winning smile. By adopting a few minor lifestyle changes and a diligent approach to daily oral hygiene routine, you can maintain your braces for maximum effect. Should any part… Read more »