Patients who suffer from the pain and swelling of an infected tooth should visit our dentist for a root canal treatment. By removing the infected tissues, Dr. Greg Atwood may be able to save your tooth for a stronger, healthier smile. If you would like to learn more about a root canal in Odessa, Texas, then please call our dental team.

Although the tooth is mostly hard tissue, in the center of each tooth there is a pathway of soft tissue called the pulp. When the pulp is damaged by decay, trauma, or other means, it can become inflamed or infected. The tooth may become painful or the area around the tooth may become swollen or abscessed.

The tooth may be able to be saved through root canal treatment. This involves removing the infected soft tissue from the tooth, but preserving the hard tissue, disinfecting the root canal space, and filling the root canal space with an inert filling material.

Modern root canal treatment has come a long way, allowing teeth to be treated comfortably while relieving the area of pain and infection. A permanent crown should be placed on the tooth following root canal treatment in order to prevent future fracture of the tooth. If you are experiencing any dental discomfort, contact Atwood Family Dental immediately to receive the care you need.