You don’t need to feel embarrassed by the appearance of stained, yellow teeth if you come and see Dr. Greg Atwood for teeth whitening. The advanced whitening materials we use can brighten your smile for a younger, more beautiful appearance. Schedule an appointment with our dentist if you want to benefit from teeth whitening in Odessa, Texas.

Teeth whitening is a safe and effective process to brighten your smile and give you a more youthful appearance.

You can whiten in the comfort of your own home, often while you sleep. Customized Opalescence® whitening trays fit to your mouth can be made from models of your teeth. You will be shown how to place a take-home whitening gel in your tray, which holds the gel in contact with your teeth. The take-home whitening is repeated over a number of evenings until the desired result is achieved. Whitening always works best after having your teeth professionally cleaned. If you are interested in achieving a more radiant smile through professional whitening and cosmetic dentistry, then call Atwood Family Dental today to schedule your appointment.